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July 18, 2011 by Laura

piles of pictures, piles of photos, unorganized pictures

Before...(and this is after gathering them from various locations in the house)

Family Albums 1997-2003

Photo albums organized, photo albums, complete photo albums, complete scrapbooks

Family Albums from 2003-2010

Do you take lots of photos?  Do you have lots of photos?  Let’s face it – most people spend little time thinking about them once they take them.

Of course we all know that in times of disaster, what is the first thing we think about once we know our loved ones are safe?  Our pictures!

I hope to motivate and inspire you to come up with a plan for your pictures.  It may seem overwhelming.  Let me use my pictures and projects as an example.  I have four children – the oldest is going to be 15 in about two months.  So – I have 15 years worth of children’s pictures.  I have been married for coming up on 19 years – so that’s another 4 years of pictures of my husband and I.  I also have my parents’ photos that my dad and I are ‘working’ on digitizing.  I have my husband’s grandparents’ photos digitized and sitting on my computer.

I have family albums complete – all but 2 years.

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that while I enjoy traditional scrapbooking – I do not have the luxury of affording the time that it takes.  Not now.  Not with such a full (and blessed!) life.  Fortunately, I hadn’t printed the pictures yet for 2010 (a silver lining to being behind) – so I decided to take the leap.I was 3 years behind at the end of 2010 and feeling frustrated about it.  While I had made some digital albums, I still enjoy creating traditional scrapbooks.  However, in January, 2011, a friend shared something with me that just ‘clicked’.  She said “every year in January I create a ‘yearbook’ of the previous year while the memories are still fresh”.  A “yearbook”.  Every year. This sounded like a plan.  Her “yearbook” was digital (she home schools her 8 children).  If she was finding the time to do digital books maybe I needed to take the leap.  I knew digital was faster, and had completed some theme-specific digital scrapbooks, but did I want to make the leap to digital scrapbooks for my family albums?

I made it a goal to complete this ‘yearbook’ of our family photos for 2010 – by the end of January.  Guess what - I did it!!! I created a 76 page, 12×12 Storybook with roughly 485 photos in it (I counted once, please don’t quote me on this – it’s the number I remember).

2010 Family Album

(click on the cover icon to see the front cover – then ‘change view’ to switch between the cover and pages)

I am so pleased with the results, and I am here to tell you – it was probably 10 times faster than the traditional method – and there is no mess!  No getting out supplies, no organizing supplies, and no cleanup.

I have started a notebook regarding photo projects and have listed projects and how I plan to tackle them.  Will it all be done ‘today’?  No.  However, just knowing that I have a plan and a system is so freeing for my brain.  Do I wish it was ‘done’ and caught up?  Yes.  However, I am enjoying the process and know that I will get there.

I usually offer an online ‘Finish in Five’ class in the summer.  I provide people with weekly motivation and tips and they send in their goals and what they’d like to accomplish in five sessions.    This year to celebrate the beginning of my new website, I am going to offer the online class at no charge.  It will begin on August 1, and run through August 29.  Click on Online Class above if you’d like more information or the Contact link above to send me your email and project to participate.

I am off to create more memories and maybe even take more pictures ;) .



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